Monday, July 14, 2008

Where should you buy your board shorts?

Just a quick little info blurb, San Diego won the best city in California poll by an astounding 85%! Which just means that the natural order of things has been restored. We'll add a new poll today and I'm going to switch up the playlist.

Yeah we know, summer started a while ago. You probably already bought a couple bathing suits - but hey if you have some extra cash we'll tell you where the best place to buy is.

1. Pac Sun
Let me start off by saying that the styles here were often overly grungy. The designs were a little clustered together and busy. That said, there were a lot of really cool designs here too. And at this store you get to peruse a bunch of brands at the same time, so I would definitely stop by if you can, or order browse their selection online.

These shorts they had were freaking sick:

So I give Pac Sun a 3.75/5.

2. No Fear

There's bad and then there's ugly. And unless you want to be a bro, I would avoid shops like this and Skin Industries. The shorts here were all $50 for uninspired boring designs that people who normally buy from there are accustomed to.


3. K5
At K5 you get something similar to Pac Sun with your selection of boardshorts. However, it seems that they have a better selection of styles. So they narrowly top Pac Sun.


4. Volcom
Somehow, you can get worse than No Fear. It's like they tried to be Pac Sun grunge and then quit in the middle leaving an unfinished mass of either really boring mono-color suits or completely unbelievably busy and ugly other shorts. I could never see any of my friends wearing any of these.


5. Polo Ralph Lauren

I'm surprised too. This is definitely a weird addition to the list - but they actually have a good selection of swim wear. Their gear is clean cut - basically an alternative to all the grungy stuff that's been up here so far. Be prepared to pay a premium for it - I mean it is Ralph Lauren.