Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lack of Posts

Hey guys, you may have noticed that we had a dearth of posts over the past couple days. Partially this is my fault since I've had visitors from England staying with me. Andrew seems to have gone into a coma of inactivity also so I'll definitely give him some crap for it.

The winner of What's the best thing to do on the beach? Poll is Watch the girls. It's a little pervy granted, but I have to agree. We'll set up a new one.

I'm going to change up the playlist today, so by the time you read this post it will have been modified.

Seems like we've been banned from blogengage until we get a domain, which I'll probably do today. Thus we'll have bypassed the block. It's not our fault they didn't respond to my email.

Take care.


bbrian017 said...

opps sorry about that.. I ban a lot of people bro please bare with me hahaha!

Contact me again :)