Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have to apologize

We've had no posts lately. I've had visitors and then the website has just drifted into a sort of oblivion. We'll be at it again, I promise!

We have plans for this site. We're going to launch a apparel line. We want to have contests. We finally have money to do it all.

Anyways, I'm going to be recruiting other writers so we can keep a more steady stream of content.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lack of Posts

Hey guys, you may have noticed that we had a dearth of posts over the past couple days. Partially this is my fault since I've had visitors from England staying with me. Andrew seems to have gone into a coma of inactivity also so I'll definitely give him some crap for it.

The winner of What's the best thing to do on the beach? Poll is Watch the girls. It's a little pervy granted, but I have to agree. We'll set up a new one.

I'm going to change up the playlist today, so by the time you read this post it will have been modified.

Seems like we've been banned from blogengage until we get a domain, which I'll probably do today. Thus we'll have bypassed the block. It's not our fault they didn't respond to my email.

Take care.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Warning to Blogengage users!

Ok, I'm going to come clean. I hatched a little scheme yesterday at http://www.Blogengage.com . I realized that it only took 5 engages to get your post to the front page, and one of our posts had a legitimate 3 - so I convinced two of my friends to use their accounts to engage my story. Then I did it again, with another story - resulting in two of our stories being on the front page.

Bad move.

Granted, I wasn't entirely sure this was against the rules since it was commonplace amongst Digg users and such - but I should have listened to that little thing called morality buzzing in the back of my head. Anyways, the staff took swift action and our posts were removed from the front page, our account was banned, and our URL was blocked.

Swift judicial retribution, I'm sure.

Anyways I pinged off an email to the staff this morning:

Hey, this is the Gnarlsbad Blog we're curious as to why our account has been removed and our posts removed from the front page? Granted, we'll come clean and admit to having some of our friends engage our stories - yet we were not sure this was against the ToS since at social networking sites like Digg this is a common occurrence.

Thanks for the speedy response!

Hopefully we can get our account reinstated, I'll keep you posted with their response.

Just don't do what we did.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Roberto's Restaurant Profile

Every once and a while we're going to do a profile on a North County restaurant so that you can find out the best local places to eat. This happens to be the first one and it brings us to Roberto's.

I have to admit that I have a fair amount of nostalgia associated with this restaurant. I remember a lot of "burritos after the beach on a Sunday afternoon" here. Anyways, I'll be as fair as possible when reviewing the restaurant.

If you go here, and just want something solid, not to adventurous but filling go for the Bean and Cheese burrito. It's just something that you can't go wrong with. If there's something that I would avoid it would be the Chile Relleno burrito, there's no way you should pay $6 for rice, salsa and a really small amount of cheese - especially when its not even going to taste good.

The prices aren't bad. Plus, it is legitimate mexican food. It's not Taco Bell or the Green Burrito or some other faux food. On the level of quality you'll receive, I say it is probably slightly better than other places that serve real mexican food.

Another perk is that it's locations are right next to the beach, you could even walk there so you don't have to lose your parking spot.

The restaurant we went to was located at:

1900 Coast Highway 101 #D
Leucadia, CA 92024

And it's a Good Bet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 Prominent Brands of Sandals

1. Rainbow

Rainbow sandals are unbelievably comfortable, durable, and just cool sandals in general. Although they may take a short period of time to be broken in, they will actually mold themselves to fit your unique foot shape, providing for the most comfortable fit possible. These flip flops last for years, and actually even come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Reef

You can't go wrong with a nice pair of Reef sandals. They're are comfortable and stylish, and are available in a huge variety of colors and designs. Some of the designs even offer cool additional features such as bottle openers, or hidden compartments for your "stash."

3. Havaianas

Havaianas flip flops are extremely popular, and I know that there are many people out there that are absolutely in love with them, but unfortunately I haven't noticed anything extraordinary about them. I mean, sure, they're relatively comfy, they're light, and they look okay, but honestly, you can say the same for a five dollar pair of flip flops from Target or something.

4. Billabong

Billabong sandals are generally of a simple but effective design. While they may not be the best, they are great, stylish sandals at a decent price. Another plus is that Billabong sandals are very popular, meaning they're available almost everywhere that sells beach footwear.

5. Crocs

Crocs sandals are some of the most ridiculously hideous things that mankind has ever created. I don't understand these things at all. They're not even comfortable! Unfortunately, I've had the miserable experience of actually wearing a pair of Crocs, and I found out that not only are they utterly repulsive, they begin to become really irritating and uncomfortable after any extended period of wear, due to all those bumps and crap on the sole. What the hell!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Where should you buy your board shorts?

Just a quick little info blurb, San Diego won the best city in California poll by an astounding 85%! Which just means that the natural order of things has been restored. We'll add a new poll today and I'm going to switch up the playlist.

Yeah we know, summer started a while ago. You probably already bought a couple bathing suits - but hey if you have some extra cash we'll tell you where the best place to buy is.

1. Pac Sun
Let me start off by saying that the styles here were often overly grungy. The designs were a little clustered together and busy. That said, there were a lot of really cool designs here too. And at this store you get to peruse a bunch of brands at the same time, so I would definitely stop by if you can, or order browse their selection online.

These shorts they had were freaking sick:

So I give Pac Sun a 3.75/5.

2. No Fear

There's bad and then there's ugly. And unless you want to be a bro, I would avoid shops like this and Skin Industries. The shorts here were all $50 for uninspired boring designs that people who normally buy from there are accustomed to.


3. K5
At K5 you get something similar to Pac Sun with your selection of boardshorts. However, it seems that they have a better selection of styles. So they narrowly top Pac Sun.


4. Volcom
Somehow, you can get worse than No Fear. It's like they tried to be Pac Sun grunge and then quit in the middle leaving an unfinished mass of either really boring mono-color suits or completely unbelievably busy and ugly other shorts. I could never see any of my friends wearing any of these.


5. Polo Ralph Lauren

I'm surprised too. This is definitely a weird addition to the list - but they actually have a good selection of swim wear. Their gear is clean cut - basically an alternative to all the grungy stuff that's been up here so far. Be prepared to pay a premium for it - I mean it is Ralph Lauren.


So this is our first post from a cellphone. Just thought i would chime in from work before my afternoon post!