Saturday, July 19, 2008

Roberto's Restaurant Profile

Every once and a while we're going to do a profile on a North County restaurant so that you can find out the best local places to eat. This happens to be the first one and it brings us to Roberto's.

I have to admit that I have a fair amount of nostalgia associated with this restaurant. I remember a lot of "burritos after the beach on a Sunday afternoon" here. Anyways, I'll be as fair as possible when reviewing the restaurant.

If you go here, and just want something solid, not to adventurous but filling go for the Bean and Cheese burrito. It's just something that you can't go wrong with. If there's something that I would avoid it would be the Chile Relleno burrito, there's no way you should pay $6 for rice, salsa and a really small amount of cheese - especially when its not even going to taste good.

The prices aren't bad. Plus, it is legitimate mexican food. It's not Taco Bell or the Green Burrito or some other faux food. On the level of quality you'll receive, I say it is probably slightly better than other places that serve real mexican food.

Another perk is that it's locations are right next to the beach, you could even walk there so you don't have to lose your parking spot.

The restaurant we went to was located at:

1900 Coast Highway 101 #D
Leucadia, CA 92024

And it's a Good Bet.