Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hancock review and other updates.

So I just got back from seeing Hancock, and despite it's ugly 32% on Rotten Tomatoes I enjoyed it. I mean it wasn't epic, I wouldn't see it twice but for something to do on a boring summer afternoon it wasn't so bad.

And plus, what's more American than Will Smith and a July 4th release date? Grab some McDonald's with that and you might as well be in a wagon on the open range singing the national anthem.

In other news we're going to go mobile, so you'll get live updates and pictures from our phones. Should make for some more dynamic posts in our moments of inspiration.

Plus, check out these cool websites I found:

- is a website that you can use to create unique music videos for your pictures. Yeah no more boring slideshows, you'll be the coolest kid on myspace/facebook if you use this website. Use this code to get benefits on the site "vimdjtpz"

- Check out to access a huge database of online coupons that can earn you half off and free shipping on thousands of stores. Get some sick boardshorts.

I made an Animoto short about my cruise to South America for an example.