Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Best Place to Have an Unfettered Bonfire in North County

Looking for a place to have a bonfire without all the rules that govern them in more public places? Or just want to try something a little more adventurous than the norm? We've got a spot in Carlsbad that can do just those things. You won't encounter anyone not young and limber here because you have to take a little walk, but its worth it for the fun you'll find.

So, you'll have to take the Coast highway towards Cerezo drive in Carlsbad before Tamarack Beach if you're coming from the South.

Once you arrive park your car in the neighborhood across the street if you plan on staying past the 11 o'clock roadside parking, if not then just park along the road.

You're going to follow the path off the side of the road down to the beach entrance. From the road sign pictured to the left the beach stairway is to the right.

(These are the pathways as viewed from the beach stairway) ->

Go down the stairway(it's big) and then to your right you'll see this hill as pictured below:

Climb the hill. After you have accomplished this and helped up anyone who didn't bring appropriate shoes you merely follow the ledge around until you reach one of the clearings on the cliff side that suits you and have some fun! Watch out for the pieces of glass that are sometimes scattered there though.

It's a well kept secret, in the night no one will be on the beach and you'll be hard to find on the cliffside, it's great because it is so reclusive.

Have fun, kids!