Monday, July 21, 2008

Warning to Blogengage users!

Ok, I'm going to come clean. I hatched a little scheme yesterday at . I realized that it only took 5 engages to get your post to the front page, and one of our posts had a legitimate 3 - so I convinced two of my friends to use their accounts to engage my story. Then I did it again, with another story - resulting in two of our stories being on the front page.

Bad move.

Granted, I wasn't entirely sure this was against the rules since it was commonplace amongst Digg users and such - but I should have listened to that little thing called morality buzzing in the back of my head. Anyways, the staff took swift action and our posts were removed from the front page, our account was banned, and our URL was blocked.

Swift judicial retribution, I'm sure.

Anyways I pinged off an email to the staff this morning:

Hey, this is the Gnarlsbad Blog we're curious as to why our account has been removed and our posts removed from the front page? Granted, we'll come clean and admit to having some of our friends engage our stories - yet we were not sure this was against the ToS since at social networking sites like Digg this is a common occurrence.

Thanks for the speedy response!

Hopefully we can get our account reinstated, I'll keep you posted with their response.

Just don't do what we did.


bbrian017 said...

haha you little cheater! I thought something was up so I deleted your accounts but I did this for s specific reason!

I was running a competition at the time and this false voting could affect the true winners of the competition!

Overall I don't mind your methods and I can if you wish remove the ban! Its okay now seeing the Cash Prize competition is over!

Send me an e-mail using the contact me link at blogengage and I’ll sort things out for you!