Friday, July 11, 2008

San Diego's Daily Picture

Hey guys, I found this cool blog while surfing the web today, it has a daily picture of various sights around San Diego, which are usually pretty neat. Check it out:

By the way, I actually couldn't make it to the beach this afternoon; I neglected to notice yesterday that today was the only day forecasted as cloudy out of the whole week. We are planning on going to a bonfire tonight though, so you can expect to hear about that. Also Nathan will be doing a profile on what is basically the only spot in North County San Diego where it is possible to have a decent beach bonfire without getting rolled.


Felicia said...

Hi guys, thanks for visiting us and posting about San Diego Daily Photo! We don't get to North County much, so it will be fun to see what you do in Gnarlsbad. Best wishes!